“What we find changes who we become.” ― Peter Morville


Science, Religion, and Sexuality, Feminist Science Studies and Epistemology, Atheism and Secularism, Complexity Theory, Interdisciplinary Methodologies, Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Research Bio


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Presentations (Selected)

Interdisciplinarity and the Self-As-Sinner-in Theory, Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Ottawa, 2016

Sexism and the New Atheist Act of Faith, Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, Canadian Federation of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Congress 2016

Versions of Utopia, Interdisciplinary Teaching in Arts and Humanities, Co-Presenter: Julia Portner, Humboldt University, Berlin,  Germany 2014

Constructive Controversy in the Classroom, TA Sessions, Center for Learning and Teaching, Dalhousie University 2013

Interdisciplinary Research: A Comparative View of Models for Education and Training, Association for Integrated Studies, Co-presenter with: Julie Thompson Klein, William Newell, Alan Repko, Rick Szostak, Oakland University, 2012

Strategic Interdisciplinarity and Intelligent Design, Crossing Boundaries: Moving Among, Between, and Around Disciplines, Dalhousie University, May 2011

Systems Biology and Sexuality: Matters for Material Feminist Theory, Canadian Women’s Studies Association, Canadian Federation of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Congress 2010

Jazz, Ecofeminism and Complexity Theory, Graduate Research Roundtable, Mount Saint Vincent University, 2008