Marriage and Morals–Bertrand Russell

040211Well, I have not too much to say about this yet. I am interested in the particular alignment between the wife and the prostitute. Not that this idea is new to me, it’s just that this work seems to be particularly foundational.

As one goes through this blog there appears to be a divergent set of interests: sexuality in a cultural/social context and basic evolutionary topics. Though in many ways the topics are disparate, I find it interesting that hidden in many of the debates in evolutionary theory is an ideology of sexuality. This should not be surprising given that a, if not THE, primary concern of biology/evolution is reproduction/survival. But how does this sexual undercurrent compare with sexual ideology in the cultural/social sphere?

This is a particularly interesting question when one considers the extent to which sexual ideology–from must-be-monogamy to heteronormativity–are intertwined with theological and religious discourse and heritage. In the contention between science and religion, the questions of origins is a pinnacle issue, but might this contention be seen as a struggle over sexuality? Might the embeddedness of sexual ideology be a source from which the common ground can be extended beyond what current scholarship in this area already asserts?

Surely this issue is not as simple as I have just presented it. It is much more complex; however, I think this might be an interesting starting place.

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